Monday, February 7, 2011

Low Carb Snow Ice Cream

We live near Dallas, Texas and I always figured Texas was supposed to be a warm state.  Not the case last week when we were hit with single digit temperatures and several inches of ice topped with snow and sleet that incapacitated the area for a whole week.  I'm ok with a little snow or cold weather for one or two days a year, but c'mon, this is a bit much.

Well all that cabin fever made for a great idea for a late afternoon treat.

Step 1.
Order some freezing cold weather and snow accumulation.  Preferably the soft fluffy type.

Step 2.
Place your bottle of wine in natures cooler for optimum thermodynamic heat transfer*.  See picture for proper installation.
*Not necessarily a true statement, but it is more interesting than the fridge.

Step 3.
If you are able to plan ahead, then place a clean bowl outside so that it will accumulate snow during the snowfall.  If you are less patient like me, then you will have embark on an important expedition to gather the correct snow.  Basically, find the cleanest snow around and gather it in a bowl.
Tip: If you have dogs, avoid the backyard for obvious reasons and instead choose another location not traveled by pets or animals.

Step 4.
Mix the following ingredients:
Heavy Cream or Half and Half
Sugar Free Syrup (Flavor of your choice)

Notes: Add less cream for more of a snow cone/frozen yogurt texture or add more cream to get closer to a real ice cream texture.  Add syrup to your preferred sweetness.  Start with 1 tsp syrup per Cup of snow.

2 Tbsp Half & Half per Cup of Snow

2 Tbsp Half & Half and 2 Tbsp Heavy Cream per Cup of Snow

Step 5.
Retrieve that chilled bottle of wine from outside and enjoy with your amazing dessert.

The snow has since melted and it is actually 55°F today.  However, I heard that tommorow we are expecting another winter storm with 13° temperatures and more snow and ice.  I was bummed at first, but hey, if God sends you snow, make ice cream!!!

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  1. What a good idea Mr. Personality! Maybe you'll get the chance for more snow ice cream!